Art is my life, and all runs around it. That's about it, I'm a freelance illustrator/graphic artist that have a 24/7 hobby that pays the bills :)
Mar 17 '14

A tee for the clever designer

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Mar 17 '14

A tee for the cocky designer

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Mar 17 '14

A tee for the old school designer

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Mar 16 '14

What time is it?…


4 colors on Navy tee. A clash between two awesome adventures.

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Jan 2 '14

Part of a Whole


2 colors on “Burnt Orange” tee.
Threadless Challenge: The Dark Crystal

"Hold her to you, for she is part of you, as we all are part of each other."

- Historian from The Dark Crystal

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Dec 25 '13

The Mouse

It’s a magical strange world after all!

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Dec 25 '13

A New House


I’m going on a family trip to Disney and to the Harry Potter Park on Universal, and my wife came up with the idea of doing a “family trip” t-shirt.

So I started working on this piece. It’s based on the original Harry Potter’s houses crest, adapted to our last name.

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Jul 18 '12

Rocking Chair


The oldest rocker there is… the headbanging rocking chair!!!

3 colors on charcoal tee.

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Jul 16 '12

Shooting Star


Wish upon a shooting star… because it will be the last wish you’ll ever wish!

3 colors on a turquoise tee.

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Apr 17 '12

Evernote Food Tee

2 colos on red tee, 61 different items, ad more than 70 objects. Design for Evernote (Evernote Food).

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